Galway Arts Festival

I will be taking a new show “Gearóid Less Travelled” to the Edinburgh Fringe in August. In the meantime I will be doing very cheap previews of it all around the place so keep an eye on the gigs page. artsfestival1I’ll be doing a lunchtime show in the Galway Arts Festival next Wednesday (July 15th) in the Ruby Room of The King’s Head pub on Shop Street. Come along… we’ll have a lovely time. The room can get warm so  bring a nice fancy fan with you if you want to stay cool… a magazine or a few leaflets also works but it’s nowhere near as classy…..


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193712_10150409842270514_234755240513_17720085_3899208_o1-e1308121955541-480x335If you are heading to “Body & Soul” today be sure and stop by the comedy tent this evening. I’ll be on at 7pm. I should say I might be on at 7pm; that is if the tent is still standing after Niamh Marron’s set at 6:30pm. I’ll also be at lots of other summer festivals around the country too including Galway Arts Festival, Vodafone Comedy Festival in the Iveagh Gardens and Indie-pendence in Cork and then the Edinburgh Fringe festival for the month of August.

When you set off why not have a listen to the story of Stephen Bradley’s Movie “Noble”. If you are interested in film this interview will make you giddy.  He talks about everything from writing the script to flying home cans of film. Enjoy!!



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Fascinated Series 2

IMG_0713Well at long last the second series of my podcast “Fascinated” has begun. What’s that you say?

“Podcasts don’t have series Gearóid, they just have periods where the podcaster couldn’t be arsed making new episodes”

Shhhh… shhhhhhhhh…. you silly bastard *presses finger to your lips*. I’m very busy with my first love standing up and only want to make really good podcasts so it takes  ages. Partly because I want to finish all of Netflix. Anyhoooo …

This new series is already on episode 2. “How did this happen Gearóid??  you’re only updating your website now 3 weeks later!!” I have a life. Deal.

The first episode was with acting legend and national treasure (even though she is only 38) Pauline McLynn from “Father Ted”. We chat about lots of things including her infatuation with Conchita, working with Jennifer Saunders and of course the 20th Anniversary of “Father Ted”.

The second episode was with Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips… or as we’re now called Wilson Farrelly. We chat about her career, filming “Bridesmaids” and the 25th Anniversary of their biggest hit “Hold On”. To celebrate this Wilson Farrelly give it a homicidal bash.

There’ll be a new episode next week.. who will it be? Mike Stock from Stock, Aiken & Waterman? Tony winner Frances Ruffelle? or Film director Stephen Bradley?? Mind your own damn business… Subscribe to find out. Would it kill you?

Also please subscribe on iTunes as it counts for the charts so just ignore this link to soundcloud below….. Soundcloud Pfffff *rolls eyes*



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Whelans, Dublin – 9th May

I’ll be playing in Whelans on 9th May.. come along and would it kill you to dress up?

Lisa Richards & present
plus guest


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2015…. so far I’ve seen a lot of my car!!

10958827_10152585021831143_8902049894725471958_n-cropHope you all got lovely valentine’s day cards and snogs. I’m busy on the road at the moment with Neil Delamere. We’re 8 weeks into a 16 week tour so we’re starting to go a bit grey and forget where we are supposed to be going. Also I know all of the sandwiches they sell in Applegreens. Never the less it’s been great fun so far. I’m doing most of the dates on the tour. I’ve added the dates in my diary to the events page. Also there’ll be some more gig news soon 🙂

IMG_2703 copy

Also I did an episode of Dermot Whelan’s new music panel show “Hey Ho, Let’s Go”
for RTE2. It’s still on the RTE player if you want to take a look. It was great fun to re cord… well for except when I nipped out to the loo on a break in the recording and wandered back to the wrong studio. It was empty and all set out for mass!

Anyway hopefully we’ll see some of you on the road. Also I’m definitely doing a new podcast series.. it’s taking ages and I’m sorry but I want to make it as good as the last one.

I’m hoping to start releasing them in April. If you sign up to my mailing list I will give you ALL the gossip on the lineup.


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