Culture File

I have produced some reports for Culture File on RTE Lyric FM. You can listen to more culture file here

National Therapy Project
A report on the compulsory (on-a-voluntary-basis) healing of the pain of being Irish with Project Manager of the National Therapy Project.
“… the radio moment of the year so far” Herald

A two-part report into comedy podcasts with podcasters Justing Moorehouse (“About 30 Minutes No More Than 45”), Stuart Goldsmith (“The Comedian’s Comedian”) and Jessica Chaffin (“Ronna and Beverly”).

Talk To The Hand
If ventriloquism still lives in 2015, one woman can take a big chunk of the credit: Nina Conti

Tapping Teachers
Tinsel, glitter & the odd cracked skull as Gearóid Farrelly goes backstage at an amateur production of 42nd Street.

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