193712_10150409842270514_234755240513_17720085_3899208_o1-e1308121955541-480x335If you are heading to “Body & Soul” today be sure and stop by the comedy tent this evening. I’ll be on at 7pm. I should say I might be on at 7pm; that is if the tent is still standing after Niamh Marron’s set at 6:30pm. I’ll also be at lots of other summer festivals around the country too including Galway Arts Festival, Vodafone Comedy Festival in the Iveagh Gardens and Indie-pendence in Cork and then the Edinburgh Fringe festival for the month of August.

When you set off why not have a listen to the story of Stephen Bradley’s Movie “Noble”. If you are interested in film this interview will make you giddy.  He talks about everything from writing the script to flying home cans of film. Enjoy!!



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