Fascinated Series 2

IMG_0713Well at long last the second series of my podcast “Fascinated” has begun. What’s that you say?

“Podcasts don’t have series Gearóid, they just have periods where the podcaster couldn’t be arsed making new episodes”

Shhhh… shhhhhhhhh…. you silly bastard *presses finger to your lips*. I’m very busy with my first love standing up and only want to make really good podcasts so it takes  ages. Partly because I want to finish all of Netflix. Anyhoooo …

This new series is already on episode 2. “How did this happen Gearóid??  you’re only updating your website now 3 weeks later!!” I have a life. Deal.

The first episode was with acting legend and national treasure (even though she is only 38) Pauline McLynn from “Father Ted”. We chat about lots of things including her infatuation with Conchita, working with Jennifer Saunders and of course the 20th Anniversary of “Father Ted”.

The second episode was with Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips… or as we’re now called Wilson Farrelly. We chat about her career, filming “Bridesmaids” and the 25th Anniversary of their biggest hit “Hold On”. To celebrate this Wilson Farrelly give it a homicidal bash.

There’ll be a new episode next week.. who will it be? Mike Stock from Stock, Aiken & Waterman? Tony winner Frances Ruffelle? or Film director Stephen Bradley?? Mind your own damn business… Subscribe to find out. Would it kill you?

Also please subscribe on iTunes as it counts for the charts so just ignore this link to soundcloud below….. Soundcloud Pfffff *rolls eyes*



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