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Well hello there you look fantastic,

Another overdue update to my poor neglected website. There’s been a lot happening over the past couple of months.

First off I was really sad to hear about the death of Joan Rivers. She was a class act and  trailblazing comedian. I have lovely memories of working with her and I’m sure where-ever she is there is a stage a mic and she is rocking the place. RIP lovely lady.

I had a lovely time doing shows with the cast of “Singlehood” in Dublin and at the Galway Comedy Festival. If you haven’t seen it catch them on the rest of their tour around the country, it’s brilliant.

I’m in the middle of making another six episodes of “Fascinated” i’m hoping for the guests to be as good as last time and the ones I’ve recorded so far definitely are. The most recent recording even featured a sing-along!  In the meantime I made a two-part episode on Comedy Podcasting for Culture File/RTE Lyric. It featured Stuart Goldsmith from “The Comedian’s Comedian”, Justin Moorehouse and Jessica Chaffin from “Ronna & Beverly”. I’ll be making more of these soon.

Starting on 20th December I’ll be back on tour with Neil Delamere. We’ll be all over the country until the end of March. I’ll be posting the dates here soon. If you happen to live in Dubai I’ll be playing in McGettigans /sitting by the pool during the comedy festival there in January. Honestly I work like a dog.

If you’re about Dublin on 22nd November I’ll be part of the Charity Gala in aid of Poppy’s Wheels.  Apart from being a great event to raise money for a very special young lady, this show is headlined by Deirdre O’Kane in an all-too-rare stand-up appearance following the release of her movie “Noble” … which is fantastic by the way. You can get tickets here.

So thats my news!! If you want more get on my mailing list.

Remember in the run up to Christmas these important words…. everyone loves a gift voucher….x


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