Happy New Tour!

Well thats the last of the selection boxes. I had a choice this evening of either taking down my Christmas Tree or updating my website. They were the two jobs on the list. So I chose this one. The Christmas tree can wait…. ’til Easter.

Last year was an amazing year. I loved every second of doing the slot on 98fm and was sad when The Morning Crew finished (I took to the bed for a fortnight).

Also I had the most amazing time opening for Joan Rivers for three shows on her most recent tour. She’s an amazing comedian and very lovely lady. It was a treat from start to finish. I even wore a tie on stage…A TIE! (dressing for Joan Rivers is terrifying!).

I’ve become accustomed to the Joan Rivers touring lifestyle and I’m bringing all of this expertise to Neil Delamere’s tour. At the moment he is ignoring ALL of my suggestions (Floor length silver coat, team of personal assistants and 5 star hotels). Never the less his show is still absolutely brilliant and has an added treat (you’ll know it when you see it!).

The tour runs right up until April and then straight afterwards i’ll be doing solo dates which I will post up here in February….if the Christmas tree is down..All of the dates I’m doing are on the Live Gigs page but for a complete listing see his site www.neildelamere.com

If you’re missing Meet Your Neighbours, you might like to have a look at this. I’m going to put more of it online. Hopefully we’ll do another one!


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