Well Hello 2012!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and aren’t too miserable with it being January and back to work week and all that. I had a great Christmas though didn’t get to sit around as much as I’d have liked. There really is nothing like watching the four Die Hards in a row with a tin of Quality Street.

I was well-chuffed to be part of that “next big thing” article in the Independent at the weekend. My favourite part was texting my mother to tell her I was on the front of the indo and then writing “….in the nip”. Apparently she had a meltdown in Dunnes.

At the moment I’m on tour with Neil Delamere as the support act. We did a whole raft of shows in December and they were great fun. The tour goes on until April. I’m not doing all the upcoming shows so I’ll only be listing the dates of the ones I’m doing not the full tour. You can find all the info for Neil’s tour on www.neildelamere.com If you’ve any queries as to whether I’m doing a show just tweet or email!

Also myself and Eric Lalor are doing some shows together as The Chalk and Cheese Tour. We’ll each do half the show. At the moment we have dates booked in Newbridge, Carlow and Armagh. More details on the GIGS page.

Thanks a million for all the tweets and emails about “Meet Your Neighbours” as you can see from the bloopers I had a ball making it. The DVD is available now if you’re looking for something so spend your Santy vouchers on. It’s the six episodes that aired plus an extended blooper reel. For those asking I haven’t heard anything about a second series. Hopefully there will be one so we’ll see what happens.

In one final note I’ll be doing the Hopes and Dreams Roadrace in Enniscorthy on 1st April. It’s for a great cause and recently I brought the shirt I wore on the Craig Doyle show to do a gig in Naas. I put it on in the dressing room and it was like trying to get toothpaste back into the tube. I was kicked into it and spent the gig pulling at it trying to breathe. This training should sort me out. All of the “Celebrities” (Translation: They tried but they couldn’t get anyone properly famous. So now I’d imagine there’s a frustrated committee of people saying “Who is he? I’ve never heard of him… Comedian?…. is he shite?) … anyway we have to write about our training in the Echo. I’d imagine the only thing I’ll be writing is a will. But if you fancy it do the race. It’ll be craic when we’re all puking on our new runners at the end.

Ok well thats all the sca.. Thanks for checking in ya mad yoke.


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